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We work with local communities to save Norfolk’s irreplaceable historic sites and to share them with everyone.

St Benet’s Abbey gatehouse and the mill from the ponds. Photograph: Nick Stone.

About NAT

NAT is a local conservation charity which aims to protect Norfolk’s significant archaeological or historic sites at risk. We take monuments into our care, repair them, provide interpretation, and open them for everyone to enjoy.

We actively engage with local communities so that they can be involved in the future conservation of the sites that they treasure.

We rely on grants and donations to fund our work – looking after our heritage is an expensive business.

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Current and recent projects and campaigns

NAT’s work is guided by values of sustainability, action, accessibility and community. Explore here more detailed information about current and recent projects.

St Benet’s Abbey 1000 years!

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Caistor St Edmund Roman Town. Photograph: Nick Stone.

News and events


2021 Caistor Roman Project dig concludes

2021 Caistor Roman Project dig concludes

For 2 weeks in late August, an unassuming field on a site at Caistor St Edmund has played host to a major excavation. This has been the third annual excavation at the site by Caistor Roman Project (CRP), in a series of excavations which will bring new insight into the...

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Heritage Open Days 2021 10-19 September

Norfolk Archaeological Trust is once again taking part in Heritage Open Days!  Full details at: Burgh Castle Fort: Tours on 12th & 19th September at 2.30pm, more at Caistor Roman Town:  Tours on 12th...

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Update on guided tours in August & September

Further to the lifting of Government restrictions on 19th July, we are pleased to advise that NAT sites can now accept on the day attendees for our free guided tours at Burgh Castle Fort, Caistor Roman Town and St Benet's Abbey, which run until the end of September....

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Burnham Norton Friary. Photograph: Nick Stone.