A gift in your will

Whether you love a specific place or enjoy all the historic sites in our care, remembering Norfolk Archaeological Trust in your Will enables us to take care of Norfolk’s heritage into the future. Saving Norfolk’s irreplaceable historic sites at risk and making them accessible to all is at the core of our work.

Norfolk Archaeological Trust is a small local charity with a big responsibility! We currently own and manage ten nationally important historic sites in 281 acres of land – and we need to acquire and save more sites at risk in the future.

Gifts in Wills are an important way of helping us to continue our work.

Your gift will help us continue to save neglected monuments and historic landscapes through conservation and maintenance, and create places where future generations are inspired to find out about our past. No matter how big or small, you can be sure your gift will make a difference to Norfolk’s ancient sites.

With the advice of a solicitor, writing a Will or changing it in order to include a gift to Norfolk Archaeological Trust is very simple. To ensure that a charity benefits from your gift, your solicitor or Will writer will need the following information:

Registered name: The Norfolk Archaeological Trust
Registered Office: Castle Chambers, Opie Street, Norwich, NR1 3DP
Registered Charity Number: 274604

You can find more information on how to include a gift to charity in your will at https://www.gov.uk/donating-to-charity/leaving-gifts-to-charity-in-your-will

Remembering Norfolk Archaeological Trust in your Will is the most effective way to help us continue our work for future generations – thank you for thinking of us!