Exploring the earth beneath our feet

Why do we love to explore the lives and places of people from the past?
It’s clear, from all the history and archaeology-based series on TV, that programme makers know this is a perennially popular subject matter. And the local community at Tasburgh is reflecting this by embracing the opportunity to find out more about the monument at the heart of their community through the Imagined Land project.
The documentary researchers have begun work in earnest and are also joining forces with the school  to find people in the village willing to have their stories of growing up in Tasburgh recorded by the children. The geophysical survey report has been completed with evidence emerging of some intriguing below-ground features at the earthworks site. And over the bank holiday the first test-pits were dug in Tasburgh’s gardens.
There will be a variety of reasons behind every decision to get involved in such projects but I’m sure that one of the underlying features (no pun intended) will be the frisson that so many of us feel when we get close to connecting with people from the past. It is seemingly a universal human impulse to explore our roots. What were they like, the men, women, and children from centuries ago who walked the same paths as us, looked over the same landscape features – even if they have changed over time – and who brought up their families, lived and loved, in the same space that we now live our own lives? 
For the Trust, it’s important to find out as much as we can about our sites through documentary and archaeological research, and this forms the firm foundations of our approach. But there is a point at which we can only imagine what it was like to live at this particular spot one or two thousand years ago. That’s why it’s good news that the Creative Planning group at Tasburgh are close to finalising the schedule for the creative programme for the school during the summer term and in the community during the summer holidays.  This will include writing, making, music and more, all in response to the research which will be shared at a workshop in the Village Hall on Saturday 10th June 2017 10.00 - 4.00pm. This is when the imagining part of the project will start its journey…

News in brief

  • Saturday 10 June 10.00 - 4.00pm - Imagined Land Tasburgh Sharing Day, Tasburgh Village Hall: Talks and discussions on the geophysical survey, the finds from the test pits, the research group's work and some first try-outs for the creative work too. ALL ARE WELCOME

Keep up to date on the project website at https://sites.google.com/site/imaginedlandprojectnorfolk/

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  • Tuesday 30 May: Behind the Scenes Tour at the Norfolk Record Office Bookable, £5.00. Contact norfrec@norfolk.gov.uk
  • Saturday 22 July:NAHRG annual conference at the UEA, this year on Roman East Anglia. NAHRG members have priority but non-members are welcome to attend if spaces are available. Email enquiries@nahrg.org.uk or ring Tony Bradstreet on 01953 453915 for details.