New interpretation at Caistor Roman Town brings Venta Icenorum to life

The Norfolk Archaeological Trust commissioned Paston-based Heritage Destination Consulting (HDC) and Jam Creative Studios (JCS) to produce this innovative new scheme which uses Augmented Reality to help visitors visualise the Roman Town. The scheme has been funded through a Higher Level Stewardship agreement with Natural England.

Jam Creative Studio‘s fabulous digital reconstructions provide illustrations of the town throughout the interpretation scheme but are also used within an Augmented Reality app that allows visitors to see the town on the landscape via their smart phones or tablets.

Dr Libby Warwick of JCSs said ‘Augmented Reality is a great way of bringing historical sites to life, especially those that have been buried underground. Using the camera on a mobile phone or tablet, the town is superimposed onto the landscape, giving visitors a feel for its scale and how it might have looked.

‘We’ve also employed AR to allow visitors to get a closer look at artefacts that have been dug up from the site and are kept in the museum in Norwich. Using the app they will be able to zoom into and rotate 3D reconstructions of several of these finds.’

The new scheme really brings the town to life – you can only really appreciate this immersive experience if you visit the site!

Download the free Caistor Roman Town app before you go – it’s available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.