Heritage Open Days are back this year from 9th to 18th September, with thousands of free events throughout the UK.  This year we are hosting free events at 3 of our sites – Burgh Castle Fort, Caistor Roman Town and St Benet’s Abbey.

Off to the Fort! The invention of the day tripper at Burgh Castle Fort, Sunday 11th September 2-4pm

Burgh Castle Fort is a key tourist destination today, but when did this start? In this special event, we look at the invention of day trips along the River Yare to the Fort.  As a Victorian day tripper you would get all the family, pack your picnic and board one of the many boats which bought tourists to the Fort. Find out more about the origins of this tourist trade – don’t forget your sandwiches and sun hat!  More details at Off to the Fort!

The Age of Archaeology: unlocking the Romans at Caistor Roman Town, Sunday 11th September 2.30pm and Sunday 18th September 2.30pm

The invention of archaeology as a profession developed in the mid 1800s – how has Venta Icenorum been shaped by their studies?  Caistor Roman Town was lost for centuries until rediscovered by archaeologists. The move from antiquarians to professional archaeologists helped shape our understanding of this special site. This guided tour explains both the early and current day activity being undertaken to help us understand more about the lives of those who lived here. More details at The Age of Archaeology: unlocking the Romans

Champagne & Stinky Cheese: monks as accidental inventors at St Benet’s Abbey, Saturday 10th September 2pm, Sunday 11th September 2pm, Wednesday 14th September 2pm, Saturday 17th September 2pm and Sunday 18th September 2pm

Join our specially created guided tour to learn about the surprising inventions of monks!  The Benedictine monks of St Benet’s Abbey helped shape the landscape for centuries, but do you know what inventions monks were responsible for? These special tours will explain all.  More details at Champagne & Stinky Cheese