Dogs on leads sign - Caistor Roman Town

Dogs on leads sign – Caistor Roman Town, Dunston Field

From this Sunday, 15th January, Dunston Field – a large, 22 acre field at Caistor Roman Town will be closed from the public to allow the shepherd a safe space to graze his sheep. NAT, have never had to do this before but unfortunately the shepherd is unable to graze his pregnant ewes in the field due to the quantity of visitors not keeping their dogs on a lead or picking up their dogs mess. Natalie Butler, Director “This is an awful situation for us to be in, we want to keep our sites open for visitors to explore and enjoy. Unfortunately, at Caistor Roman Town visitors have been disregarding the rules and have forced us into this situation”.

Caistor Roman Town is privately owned by the Norfolk Archaeological Trust, and access is granted with agreement that their policies are abided by – this includes keeping dogs on leads all year round and picking up dogs mess.

More information on our dogs on leads policy is available here: Our Dogs on Leads Policy | Norfolk Archaeological Trust (

More information on sheep worrying: Sheep Worrying | National Sheep Association