2019 is the 1000th year since the foundation of St Benet’s Abbey – quite an amazing thought, and well worth celebrating. The Friends of St Benet’s Abbey (TFoSBA) are taking forward an ambitious Heritage Lottery-funded project this year which will explore the long history of the Abbey through talks, drama, sculpture, painting and photography.

As well as supporting TFoSBA in delivery of their project, the Trust will be marking this special year with a new image-rich guidebook, which will be able to reflect information and ideas about the site that came out of our Conservation Access & Community project 2012-2014 – such as the results of the geophysical survey – and the subsequent conference in 2016. We will also be holding an exhibition of images of the Abbey, to be held in Norwich Cathedral Library later this year – more news on this in future blogs.

There will be many ways to get involved in this once-in-many-generations opportunity!  Visit TFoSBA’s facebook page for more information: St Benet’s Abbey Norfolk Broads