Privacy policy

Policy summary

The Trust’s Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store and use the personal information given to us.

The Trust is committed to ensuring any personal data will be dealt with in line with the General Data Protection Regulation May 2018.

We will:

  • process personal data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner
  • be clear about why we need to collect personal information and what we are going to use it for
  • make it easy for people to tell us how they would like to keep in touch
  • only collect and retain the information we need to deliver our objectives
  • never sell or share personal information, or let other organisations use it for marketing
  • take good care of personal information, and make sure it is up to date, safe and secure at all times
  • make sure that any suppliers or partners who carry out work on our behalf meet the same standards that we adhere to when handling personal information

If you have any questions concerning your personal data and how we look after it then please contact us at

Full copies of the Trust’s Privacy Policy can be Privacy Policy from the Trust’s website or hard copies can be supplied on request.

Adopted by Trust Council 10.10.2017 Updated 13.04.2021